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Spring Registration 2020

Torrance Girls Softball League – Spring 2020 Registration Form

The Torrance Girls Softball League welcomes players of all skill levels from Torrance and surrounding communities.

USA Softball Division breakdowns: 6U T-ball (ages 4-6), 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U (Determined by age as of Dec. 31, 2019).
New players to the league shall provide a copy of their birth certificate.

LEVY FIELDS are located at 3420 W. 229th Place (behind Sam Levy School) in Torrance.

Please proceed below to begin the Registration process…

Preliminary Instructions

Note: if you have ALREADY registered and paid for the Spring Registration 2020 season, and are simply returning to upload your player’s birth certificate, please proceed to the following link:


Otherwise, you may proceed with registration for the Spring 2020 season by filling out the form below:

Player Name – Instructions

Enter First and Last Name Of Player/Athlete

Player Date of Birth – Instructions

Enter Player/Athlete’s Date of Birth

Note: to prevent any delays in the registration process, please ensure the Date of Birth entered here matches against the player/athlete’s Date of Birth on their birth certificate as uploaded below (for new players) or as matches our records on file (for returning players).

Player Division – Instructions

Enter Player/Athlete’s Division

Note: to prevent any delays in the registration process, please ensure the Division chosen below matches against the player/athlete’s Birth Year on their birth certificate as uploaded below (for new players) or as matches our records on file (for returning players).

Player Birth Year Guidelines by Division:

2013-2015 6U/Tee Ball
2011-2012 8U
2009-2010 10U
2007-2008 12U
2005-2006 14U

Birth Certificate – Instructions

If you answered “Yes” to the above question, and to prevent any delays in the registration process, please choose the option below to Upload the Player/Athlete’s Birth Certificate.

If you answered “No” to the above question, you do not need to upload the Player/Athlete’s Birth Certificate.

Parent/Guardian 1 – Instructions

Enter Information For Parent/Guardian 1

Parent/Guardian 2 – Instructions

Enter Information for Parent/ Guardian 2 (Optional)

(Optional) Download Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy


Social Media and Electronic Communication Policies


Online, social media and other electronic communication tools such as text messaging have become a
prevalent, convenient and effective means of personal and professional communication, and have
fundamentally changed the way many people and organizations interact. This policy sets forth TGSL’s
expectations with respect to use of online and social media, as well as other forms of electronic
communications, by all TGSL Board members, coaches, volunteers, parents, players, family and friends.

The term “social media” as used in this policy encompasses a wide array of online media and
communications. For purposes of this policy, the terms “online media” and “social media” refer to
internal and external websites, blogs, social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram,
Snapchat), wikis, video and photo sharing sites (e.g., YouTube, SKYPE, Flickr, Periscope), and other
forms of personal online publishing and discourse. Policies regarding text messaging, email and
individual telephonic communications are also covered by these policies.

Social media forums are typically public. Even when using social media for purely personal purposes, a
person’s public expressions might affect their professional identify and the organizational interests of
TGSL and our members. Accordingly, anyone participating in social media must ensure that their
participation is consistent with TGSL policies.

Both on and off the field, safety and youth protection should be a key focus. TGSL is committed to be
an advocate for youth and to keep children and their privacy safe, both online and off. Safety is always
at the forefront of any considerations where social media is concerned.

With these objectives in mind, all TGSL Board members, coaches, volunteers, parents and players must
be familiar with and adhere to this policy, regardless of whether they personally use social media, and
must share this policy with family members and friends as appropriate.


- Posting photographs or video of any child other than your own on any social
media site is strictly prohibited without the express consent of the child’s parent
or legal guardian. It is recommended that if a team wants to share pictures and/or
video, the team parent for the team set up a private site with controlled access,
such as Shutterfly, where photographs can be posted and viewed by invited
members. TGSL maintains the right to post photographs and/or video of league
members on the TGSL website and TGSL social media sites to promote the best
interests of the league.

- Posting negative comments about any TGSL Board member, coach, volunteer,
parent, or player on any public social media site is strictly prohibited. All public
commentary about TGSL, its volunteers, and its membership should be positive
and respectful. If you have any doubt about whether an intended comment will
violate this policy, the best option is to avoid posting it.


- Coaches should not engage in private electronic communications with TGSL
players(e.g., no private Facebook groups, direct messaging or private invitations
to personal Facebook pages, invite-only YouTube channels, Twitter, etc.).
- Coaches should communicate with parents, legal guardians, or designated adults
with respect to team activities. It is up to those individuals to make sure players
are at practices and games.

- A coach may respond to a direct inquiry via text message or email from a player
regarding logistics of practice times, cancellations, schedules, etc., but should
include an adult as a co-recipient of any response.

- Coaches and team representatives should avoid cell phone conversations with
players to the greatest extent possible. Any such conversations should be brief
and restricted to TGSL matters. Should any such conversation take place, it is up
to the Coach or team representative to contact the player’s parent or legal
guardian and inform him/her of the communication.

- TGSL Board members, coaches, volunteers, etc., may not be “friends” on
Facebook, or any similar medium, with a player.


The TGSL Board shall have the authority to monitor and enforce this Social Media Policy. The failure
of any TGSL member to adhere to this Social Media Policy shall be considered a violation of the TGSL
Code of Conduct, subjecting the violator to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of such
individual’s involvement with TGSL, in accordance with TGSL disciplinary procedures.

Typing your name, affirms that I have received and read a copy of the TGSL Social Media and Electronic
Communication Policy. I agree to abide by the policy, and I understand that one parents signature binds
the entire family of the player..

(Optional) Download TGSL Code of Conduct



Torrance Girls Softball League endeavors to provide girls in the South Bay area a fun and safe environment in which to play the sport of softball. The following articles are essential to attaining this mission:

1. I agree not to incite and/or participate in unsportsmanlike contact at any TGSL
practice, game or function.
2. I agree not to use abusive or profane language or actions both on and off the field of play. Verbal and physical abuse is not tolerated.
3. I agree to not criticize, belittle, antagonize, or incite, the opposing team, its players, coaches, fans, umpires, and TGSL board members, by word of mouth or by gesture.
4. I agree to make every effort to arrive at practices, games and TGSL functions on time. This shows respect for the game, team and manager.
5. I agree to refrain from yelling instructions to my child. I understand that this is the coach’s job and I will limit my comments during the game to encouragement for my child and players of both teams.
6. I agree to abstain from the possession and drinking of alcoholic beverages and possession or use of any illegal substance at any TGSL function.
7. I agree to not smoke or to use other tobacco products on the playing fields, or in the presence of a TGSL team.
8. I understand it is against the law to bring dogs on a school campus and agree not to bring dogs to Sam Levy at any time.
9. I recognize that it is the responsibility of TGSL members to represent our league in a positive way to the community.
10. I agree that all facilities (fields, restrooms, dugouts) will be used properly and never intentionally defaced.
11. I agree to abide by the Southern California ASA Code of Conduct which can be read at http:/ /www.socal-asa.com
12. I understand that depending on the severity of the incident, violation of any of the above may result in penalties including removal from a game to suspension and termination of the privilege of participating in TGSL.

Typing your name affirms that I have read and received a copy of the TGSL Code of Conduct. I agree to abide by the TGSL Code of Conduct, and I understand that one parent’s signature binds the entire family.

(Optional) Download TGSL Emergency Medical Form




I/We the undersigned parents/guardians of the above named player, a minor, do hereby authorize the
manager/coach/team parent to act as Agent for the undersigned to consent to emergency medical, surgical or
dental examination or treatment. I/We hereby authorize treatment and/or care of registered player at any

I/We the undersigned parent/guardians of the above named child, do hereby give my/our permission to
participate in any and all activities.

I/We assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities, and I/We do hereby waive, release, absolve and indemnify and agree to hold harmless organizers, TORRANCE GIRLS SOFTBALL, ASA, the sponsors, participants, and persons transporting my/our child whether the result of negligence or for any other cause, except to the extent and the amount covered by accident or liability insurance. ASA insurance is in excess to any medical coverage carried by parents and players.

I/We agree to return any equipment issued to our child in as good of condition as when
received except for normal wear and tear. I/We will furnish a certified birth certificate to league officials.

I/We the parent/guardian of the aforementioned player, hereby give my consent and hereby release, indemnify
and hold harmless TGSL, it’s officials, coaches and representatives, from any claim arising out of injury to the
named individual.

I also hold harmless TGSL, it’s officials coaches and representatives from any claim arising out
of injuries or conditions caused or aggravated by my refusal to obtain medical treatment based on religious,
philosophical belief or otherwise.

I understand and give consent that TGSL may compile emails and addresses,
and on occasion post player pictures on the website, as part of the normal course of league operations

Review the USA Softball of Southern California Concussion Information Sheet by clicking below. Acknowledge receiving and reading sheet by entering your name and the player’s name in the boxes below.


USA Softball of Southern California Concussion Information Sheet

League/Team: Torrance Girls Softball League

You are receiving this information sheet about concussions because of California State Law AB 2007 (effective January 1, 2017):
1. The law requires an athlete who may have a concussion during a practice or game to be removed from the activity for the remainder of the day.
2. Any athlete removed for this reason must receive a written note from a medical doctor trained in the management of concussion before returning to practice.
3. Before an athlete can start the season and begin practice in a sport, a concussion information sheet must be signed and returned to the league/team by the athlete and the parent/guardian.

Every year all coaches are required to receive training about concussions.

For current and up-to-date information on concussions you can visit:

Typing your name and checking the box affirms that I have read and received the USA Softball of Southern California Concussion Information Sheet.

Refund and Travel Ball Policy Acknowledgements

Your acknowledgement of TGSL’s Refund Policy and its Travel Ball Policy is required below:

Snack Bar and Fundraising Acknowledgements

Every season, the Torrance Girls Softball League operates a Snack Bar through the help of parents and volunteers and also traditionally holds fundraisers to ensure the league is able to operate and meet the demands required to host a successful season. Your acknowledgement is required below:

Survey Questions

Your registration is almost complete! Before taking you to the payment processing portal, please help the league prepare for the upcoming season by answering the questions below. Your responses are highly appreciated!

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