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TGSL Board Of Directors

TGSL holds monthly board meetings once  a month at Levy Fields. Active members in good standing at TGSL are welcome to attend board meetings.

Total Members: 23

E-Board Quorum: 3

General Board Quorum: 12

Executive Board

Heather Theile


Candice Grantham

VP of Admin and Operations

Brandi Hori

Player Agent

Olivia Alvarez-Cho


Roger Hsu



Brandi Hori

6U/T-Ball Division

Candice Patel

8U Commissioner

Keira Bolinas

10U Commissioner

Candice Grantham

12U Commissioner

Brookelynn Garcia

14U Commissioner

Eddie Barroso

Fall Ball

General Board

Carrie Greer

Snack Bar Chair

Ivette Quintero

Snack Bar Coordinator

Eddie Barroso

Field Chair

Steve Salas

Field Manager

RJ Hernandez

Field Manager

Chris Dillon

Field Manager

Sal Gonzalez

Field Manager

Eddie Barroso


Eddie Barroso

Equipment Manager

Candice Patel


Candice Grantham

Backup Registrar

Lorena Gallegos

Event Coordinator

Mayra Stubbs

Event Coordinator

Open Position

Picture Day and Memory Book Coordinator

Olivia Cho-Alvarez

Apparel Manager

Daniel Quintero

Backup Apparel Manager

Eddie Barroso

All-Star/Select Coordinator

Heather LeRoy

Health & Safety Coordinator

Brookelyn Garcia

Social Media Coordinator

Peter Doan

Sponsorship Coordinator

Angela Mijares

Tournament Director

Keira Bolinas

Clinic Coordinator

Brookelynn Garcia

Clinic Coordinator

Kellie Lowe

Team Parent Coordinator

Jay Nagao

Backup Treasurer

Eddie Barroso

Past President

James Hafeli

Umpire in Chief

Hall of Presidents

First Name Last Name Term (Sep-Aug) Years Served
Heather Theile 2023-Present Current
Eddie Barroso 2020-2023 3
Roger Hsu 2017-2020 3
Ted Holloway 2015-2017 2
Scott Hayward 2014-2015 1
Scott Weisbrook 2012-2014 2
Rick Brookshire 2010-2012 2
Scott Ruther 2008-2010 2
Bob Dawsey 2006-2008 2
Steve Elder 2005-2006 1
Dave Ross 2003-2005 2
Jerry Edwards 2000-2003 3
Lew Currier 1998-2000 2