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Field Management

Field Management Policy

The maintenance of the softball fields located at Levy Adult School in the city of Torrance is an arduous, ongoing daily activity that requires a community of Board members, coaches, volunteers and parents to manage cohesively in order to ensure the proper upkeep and usage of them.

Ensuring the overall safety of players who participate on them is the primary concern and is the main reason why it is important to follow this policy. Please be vigilant of dangerous situations and report them immediately so they can be addressed.

Note that before the start of any Spring or Fall season at TGSL, all new as well as returning Managers and Field Parents shall attend Field Training (either the primary event or any make-up sessions). There are no exceptions.

The aforementioned Field Policy document provided here shall include information on the following:

  • Field Equipment
  • Field Lights
  • Field Practices
  • Field Games
  • Batting Cage Rules
  • Violations of the Field Policy


For any Field Management questions, comments or concerns, including the reporting of any Field Safety issues, please contact the following:

Lance White

Field Manager

Phone: 310-625-5572

Kelly Toman

Field Manager

Phone: 213-200-6978

Scott Martinez

Field Manager

Phone: 818-632-1855

Neil Daniel

Field Manager

Phone: 424-488-4121

For any questions related to the access of any facilities, including keys, or team equipment, please contact the following:

Steve Elder

Equipment Manager

Phone: 310-968-5314