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Snack Bar

2020 Spring Season SignUps Now Available

Click the link below to signup...

Torrance Girls Softball Leagues provides a Snack Bar in order to help provide snacks and refreshments, especially on those hot days, for anyone on the field during game day. It is an important service for the league and one that requires participation from all families as volunteers to ensure it is always running and available for anyone.

As part of our registration process, every family acknowledges that they are required to work at least one shift during a given Spring or Fall season.

Volunteer Options

(A.) Work Your Shift

Each family is required to work 1 shift, regardless of how many of your kids are playing.

Shifts may be working inside the snack bar or working at the grill.

Shifts will run 2-4 hours depending on game scheduling.

You will be required to sign up for your shift of choice on “Sign Up Genius” per the "Snack Bar Sign Ups" link provided above.

SHIFTS FILL UP FAST! Time slots are first come first serve. If you haven’t signed-up for a shift, you will be randomly assigned so please choose a shift early in the season.

(B.) Hire A Substitute

Contact a substitute on our list. A list of TGSL-approved substitutes can be found below.

The recommended amount to pay someone covering your shift is $25-$35. Most substitutes use Venmo or PayPal.

(C.) Buyout

A limited number of buy-outs are available for $75 and must be purchased prior to the first game of the season.

If interested, contact the TGSL Snack Bar at the contact link provided below with any questions and please give checks payable to TGSL to your manager.

You may also e-mail our TGSL Webmaster via the About Us -> Contact page and request for an Invoice to pay for the buy-out online as well.

Rules and Penalties

General Snack Bar Rules:

Upon arriving for your scheduled shift, please sign in. Signing in is the only way we can verify that you worked your scheduled shift

All snack bar volunteers should be at least 14 or older. Grill volunteers must be 18+

For safety reasons, we ask that you not allow friends, siblings, children, younger players, relatives, etc., to come into the snack bar with you during your shift.

No-Show/No Sign-Up Penalty:

In the event a family does not show up for their shift, work the entire shift, is more than 15 minutes late, or does not complete the task assigned, they will be billed an amount of $125.

If the bill has not been settled by end of season, that family will be placed on probation.

Girls of families on probation will be restricted from playing on All-Stars or Select, be ineligible for future seasons at TGSL, not receive trophies, memory books and be asked not to participate in closing day festivities.


Questions Contact Us

Snack Bar Coordinators

TGSL-Approved Substitutes

Name Phone Preferred Contact Grill?
Jessica (424) 400-9272 Text
Lily (310) 488-1486
Amber (310) 850-6187
Melissa (310) 227-1421
Mia (310) 505-1813
Chloe (310) 941-9493 Text
Jennifer (310) 415-4990 Text
Taylor (310) 415-4990 Text
Alex (310) 340-5897
Isaac (424) 477-6123 Text YES
JR (310) 703-3781 Text YES
Angie (310) 703-3781 Text
Ashley (310) 719-5320 Text
Haley (310) 738-5927 Text
Caden (310) 780-1160 Text
Kelsey (310) 947-9957
Serena (310) 977-3450
Alexandra (424) 337-3635
Sami (310) 984-9328