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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I sign up?
A. You can register using the link on the homepage at


Q. What is the minimum Playing age?
A. Please use information below:


Division Breakdown For Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 (by birth dates):

6U: Born between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2020

8U: Born between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2017

10U: Born between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2015

12U: Born between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2013

14U: Born between September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2011


Q. Does TGSL require a copy of my daughter’s birth certificate?
A. Yes, TGSL will require a copy for all new players to the league.


Q. Are there evaluations for the Fall and Spring seasons?
A. There are evaluations for the 8U to 14U  divisions only. For Spring these evaluations are typically held early January, and all players in these divisions need to attend. For Fall, they are held in August. 6U (T-ball) in the Spring and Fall are not required to evaluate.


Q. How will my daughter be placed onto a team?

A. Players in the following divisions:  8U, 10U, 12U, 14U will be placed in a blind draft based on evaluation scores by the managers to ensure balanced teams.  Once the teams are drafted, the manager will be calling for a team meeting/practices.

Note: 6U (T-ball) teams will be drafted by the board during the Spring and Fall and the manager will call for a team meeting/practices.


Q. Can I be on a friend's team?

A. 6U (T-ball) requests during the Spring and Fall are to be made at time of registration and every effort is made to honor that request.

Upper divisions: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U requests cannot be honored to keep the teams as balanced as possible.  Only siblings will be placed on the same team if registered in the same division.


Q. My daughter has never played before, will she fit in?
A. About 30% of the girls who sign up have never played softball or have limited experience with softball. At the recreation level, it is about developing and learning but still competitive. As a league we have playing rules in place to ensure that everyone gets into the game. On offense every team must bat the entire lineup, regardless if they played defense that inning. On defense, a player can't sit consecutive innings.  Our commitment is always safety first when it comes to position placement with inexperienced players.


Q. Will I be on the same team as last year?
A. Teams are re-drafted every Spring and Fall season.


Q. Can we request a refund after registration?

A. Yes, 100% refunds are given up until Player Evaluations and 50% refunds are given up until the player draft.  No refunds are given after the player draft.


Q. What is included in my registration fee?

A. Uniform jersey / insurance / picture package / memory book / balls / umpire fees.  Not included are pants, sliders, cleats and equipment.  Note:  Uniforms will be distributed to Team Manager after all required background checks are completed.


Q. What equipment do I need to provide?
Glove for 6U (T-ball) players, almost any glove is adequate as long as it is not too large. For other players, you need to provide a softball glove 11 inch or bigger.

Cleats - are required for all players to prevent from slipping on the field when running.

Helmets - are mandatory and all helmets must have a face mask.  Each team will be assigned 1 to 2 helmets if you elect not to purchase for your daughter.

Softball bat, normally coaches will have a couple to share, however most players do have their own so that they are used to the length and weight for bat speed.

Catcher gear, the league does supply each team with a set of catchers gear.


Q. How long does the season last?
A. Typically, the Spring season lasts from early February to  first week of May. Practices usually start near the end of January and the season usually kicks off the second weekend of February. For Fall,  the season usually last from first or second week of September until the second or third week of November.


Q. When are practices?

A. Practice times are at the discretion of the manager.  Usually, 6U (T-ball) teams generally practice once a week (possibly twice in the pre-season). Other divisions generally have 1-2 practices a week.


Q. What are game dates and times?
A. 6U (T-ball) in the Spring and Fall will normally start at 8:30am beginning the Saturday after Opening Day but may vary. Upper division game times in the Spring and Fall will vary from 10am to 4pm on Saturday.  After daylight savings time (only for Spring) there will also be weeknight games as follows:

8U – Mondays starting approximately 5:30pm

10U – Tuesdays starting approximately 5:30pm

12U – Wednesdays starting approximately 5:30pm

14U – Thursdays starting approximately 5:30pm

In the Fall, 6U and upper divisions will play either Saturday or Sunday to provide flexibility for other sports.


Q. What is the difference between "Rec" and "Select"?

A. The "Rec" or "Recreational" season is our main program that all player/athletes participate in and by which most of our league's rules are based around. All player/athletes are evaluated each Spring and Fall season and in turn are placed on a "Rec" team based on our league's blind draft process. "Select" is a separate program for advanced players. Tryouts are separately held and Select Managers choose their own teams and create their own practice and game schedules. They compete against other "Select" teams from other leagues and are self-funded.


Q. Do I get to keep my uniform?
A. Yes


Q. Must I wear my uniform to all games?
A. Yes, a complete uniform must be worn at all games. If you are not wearing your uniform, you will be ineligible to play that game.

Note: Exception where a new player or an incomplete uniform has not been given to a player.


Q. What if it rains?
A. Sometimes we are unable to determine whether or not games will be played early in the day. We will be updating with field closures. We will also contact the manager of the cancellation.


Q. How can I help?
A. We appreciate and encourage your interest in helping. There are several ways for parents to help. As a volunteer, you could be a "Team Parent", a scorekeeper, field prep or other tasks for the team. Every year we need new coaches, all we ask that coaches attend a coaching clinic and a back ground check. This is for the protection of our children and all records are confidential.

Most of all, we ask for you to be supportive of your child and her teammates.


Q. What does a team parent do?
A. The team parent is the liaison between the manager and the other parents. He/She will be in charge of the communication and collection for the team. Also, will attend team parents meeting(s). The team parent will also coordinates the following: snack bar duty, snacks for the games, charge of keeping all of the players in the dugout as required. Also may help the manager make all call to remind players of practice and game times.


Q. What are the responsibilities of the parents?
A. You are responsible for getting your child to practice, games and other team functions on time. Normally for game times, 45-60 minutes prior to game start.

Maintain a two-way communication with the manager/coach. You should keep each other advised of game and or practice schedule changes. Call or Text in advance if your child will be late or not attend a practice/game.

Attend league functions whenever possible.

Obey all league rules and adhere to TGSL Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy.

Attend as many games possible and cheer for all of the players. Derogatory remarks or gestures and other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

All player families are required to participate in each team's snack bar duty. Your league needs your support and cooperation.


Q.  Who works the Snack Bar?

A. Each team will identify someone (i.e. parent, family member, sub, etc.) to work their team's scheduled shift(s). Your team parent will communicate your scheduled time and date given by the Snack Bar Coordinator.   The schedule will also be posted at  Snack bar shift is usually 1-2 hours. Snack bar is typically only during the Spring season but may occur in the Fall depending on interest.


Q. I don't have a sitter, can I bring my kids with me during my team's snack bar shift?
A. For safety and health reasons nobody under the age of 14 is allowed in the snack bar. Snack bar workers must be 14 years of age or older. Please make appropriate arrangements before your team's snack bar shift.   If you have a conflict you can arrange time swap with another family on your team.

Q. What if it rains on the day of my team's snack bar shift?

A. The same rainout procedures apply for the snack bar as for games.  If your team's snack bar shift is cancelled or cut shot due to rain, you may be rescheduled for a future date.


Q. Is Spring Raffle fundraiser participation required?

A. No.  Starting in the Spring of 2024, parents are no longer required to participate in fundraising.


Q. What are the major differences in each division?
A. To follow are the major rules differences in each division:

6U (T-ball) – Division:
- Players hit using a tee for the first half of the season.  All players hit each inning of a 3 inning game.

- Second half of the season will be coach pitch to help the player transition.  If a player swings and misses 3 times they will continue the at bat using the tee.

- No run limit

- No out limit (every player has one at bat per inning)

- This division uses a 9” Diamond Flexi Yellow

8U - Division:
- Coach/player pitch - Girls begin to pitch, and typically coaches will assume the pitch count after 4 balls (i.e. no walks).

- After the 2nd half of the season, coach pitch is phased out in favor of walks.
- There are pitching limitations 3 innings per game.
- Run rule of 4 run per team, per inning.

- There are no standings during the season.

- Double elimination playoff brackets are determined by blind draw.
- Pitching distance is 30'
- This division uses a 10" RIF Level 1 softball.

10U - Division
- Player pitch only
- Pitching distance is 35'
- Pitching limitations is 3 innings per game
- Run rule is 5 runs per team, per inning.
- First half of season are practice games.  Second half are counted for standings/seeding in double elimination playoff bracket.
- This division uses an 11" RIF Level 1 softball.

12U Division
- Player pitch only
- Pitching distance is 40'

- There are pitching limitations 3 innings per game.
- Run rule is 6 runs per team, per inning.
- First half of season are practice games.  Second half are counted for standings/seeding in double elimination playoff bracket.
- This division uses a 12" Dream Seam softball.

14U Division
- Player pitch only
- Pitching distance is 43'

- There are pitching limitations 3 innings per game.

- Run rule is 6 runs per team, per inning.
- Scores / Standings are kept in this division
-This division uses a 12" dream seam softball

Fall Ball

There are a few differences between Spring Ball and Fall Ball detailed below. If we have low enrollment numbers, TGSL teams will play other teams in the LA/South Bay District.  Starting in Fall 2024, there will be a 6U division in the Fall. If, however, we have high enrollment numbers (which we usually do), TGSL teams will play other TGSL teams and play mostly at our fields at Levy.


Q. How long does the Fall season last?
A. The Fall Season starts the 2nd week of September and lasts to the 2nd week in November.


Q. Is any travel involved during the Fall season?
A. Due to the fact that we may play other teams in the LA/South Bay (if we have low enrollments numbers in the Fall), there is some travel involved for 8U through 14U divisions.  Typically 30-40% of the games will be away.  The boundaries are Santa Monica to the North, Long Beach to the South and Pico Rivera to the East. Again - only if we have low enrollment numbers in a division.


Q. When are Fall practices?

A. Practice times are at the discretion of the manager.  There are generally 1-2 practices a week.


Q. What are Fall game dates and times?
A. Fall Ball games could be at Levy Fields or at a visiting team’s fields.  Format depends on whether we play other leagues (when we have low enrollment numbers) or if we play against TGSL teams only (when we have high enrollment numbers). If we play against other leagues in the Fall, format is either one long game or two back to back games either Saturday or Sunday starting at 9am or 1pm. If our format is TGSL against TGSL teams only, then games are only Saturdays at Levy with standard games times (like Spring).


Q. Where are the fields located?
A. Levy Fields are located at 
Sam Levy Adult School, 3420 229th Pl., Torrance, CA  90505